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The Awakened Heart of the Healer Within

A dynamic whole person approach
to promote mental-emotional wellbeing

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief.
Do justly now, love mercy now, walk humbly now.
You are not obligated to complete the work,
but neither are you free to abandon it.” Talmud

Empowered Hearts Logo Empowered Hearts integrates Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine (EAM) theory and practice with a systems biopsychosocial model, incorporating core concepts of salutogenesis and positive neuroplasticity into a dynamic foundational framework. Centered around the cultivation of body-mind resilience to foster empowerment, and increased self-efficacy, the Empowered Hearts framework, is inspired by the concept of the Heart in EAM, informed by science and clinical evidence, and anchored in the historical evolution of classical EAM knowledge.

Empowered Hearts Logo Empowered Hearts seeks to raise awareness and increase access to the invaluable, and often underutilized role of acupuncture and EAM in supporting mental and emotional wellbeing.

Be Empowered, Be Inspired, Be Transformed

Prepare yourself to provide effective and safe support for all patients across the emotional distress spectrum, from crisis adaptation to psychopathology. Prevent your own burnout and equip yourself with clear guidelines to practice with integrity, safety and skill.

Join us as we co-create an Empowered Hearts community.
Our educational model is highly experiential, offering you
tangible skills that can be immediately integrated
into your professional practice.

Empowered Hearts Logo Empowered Hearts courses will provide you with a dynamic, comprehensive treatment framework for evidence-based clinical practice in the care of patients experiencing persistent mental-emotional distress. You will be able to:

  • Define the role of EAM within a comprehensive mental health services biopsychosocial model, while deepening your understanding of EAM in the treatment of Shen imbalances.
  • Acquire the skills to safely and effectively integrate acupuncture, herbs and patient education to manage symptoms of emotional distress, anxiety and depression.
  • Develop a person centered and culturally relevant treatment framework to promote mental and emotional wellbeing, restore resilience, and prevent pervasive negative emotional states.
  • Effectively communicate with mental health and other professionals in the care of individuals and communities.

Empowered Hearts LogoEmpowered Hearts (EH)

Empowered Hearts Logo Emphasizes the development of well-coordinated interdisciplinary care collaborations
that aim to bring conventional and complementary approaches together to care for the whole person.

Empowered Hearts Logo Reinforces safety and ethics standards, maintaining proper boundaries, and making appropriate referrals.

Empowered Hearts Logo Incorporates basic counseling, coaching and motivational interviewing skills.

EAM practitioners are uniquely positioned to support patients
in the early stages of mental-emotional distress,
and help build a foundation for mental wellness,
devoting psychiatric resources to the more severely mentally ill.

Resilience: The Awakened Heart of the healer within

Offerings are organized into 4 main knowledge domains and will be made available gradually. See the overview of each topic below by placing the cursor over each picture.

Empowering Our Patients

Upcoming Courses for Practitioners

Democratizing Mental Health: Insights from East-Asian Medicine

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 11am-12pm CST (12-1 EST, 9-10 PST), 1 hr talk through White Pine Circle

East Asian Medicine can play a pivotal role in closing the increasing large gap between the need for and the availability of mental health promoting interventions in our communities. But it cannot do it alone. Combining acupuncture to re-set and recalibrate our stress response, and using herbal formulas for wellness and prevention, in conjunction with a health promotion intervention that can enhance self-efficacy, improve quality of life, and foster personal agency through social support and education, we can build a foundation for mental wellness.

Come join me, as we explore how EAM can significantly contribute to the democratization of mental health, a global movement to bring culturally relevant and evidence based interventions to everyone. Does the evidence support the use of East Asian Medicine? What is the role of EAM in fostering prevention, overcoming barriers to care, and transforming healthcare towards an integrated people-centered system?


EMPOWERED-HEARTS: Harnessing the Healing Power of Community to Promote Emotional Wellness and Cultivate Resilience (4 CEU’s)

Saturday December 18, 2021 10:30am-3pm CST (8:30am-1:00pm PST; 11:30am-4pm EST), Through Healthy Seminars

Help your patients Re-Set * Recalibrate * Rebalance * Restore: As they move incrementally towards transformational change. These are challenging times at multiple levels. Our system is constantly being bombarded by environmental and social stimulus that affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Experimental and clinical evidence suggest that acupuncture may affect the sympathetic system via mechanisms at the hypothalamic and brainstem levels, having a profound impact of the stress response system, emotional regulation and potentially acting as a neuroplasticity promoting intervention. But often, the effect of treatment cannot compete with the sheer stress load experienced by our patients.

Learn to effectively support your patient’s healing journey after they leave your office. Facilitate their healing and promote emotional wellness through (virtual or live) group visits! Empower patients to regain self-efficacy, foster their inner capacity to become active agents in their own health, and support them in regaining a sense of control over their own lives.


Resourced, Safe & Connected: EAM Practice 101 (4 CEU’s)

Tuesdays, January 18-February 8, 9-11 AM CST (7-9 AM PST, 10-12AM EST), Coming Soon, offered through White Pine Circle

Prepare yourself to provide compassionate, effective and safe support for all patients across the emotional distress spectrum. Identify, assess and respond effectively to risk and emergency. Learn a revolutionary technique to prevent your own burnout. Support patients in accessing their inner resources. All within the boundaries of your EAM practice. Whether you are treating sport injuries or internal medicine, adolescents, or the elderly, affluent communities or marginalized populations, the world needs your healing presence and skills.

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Available on Demand at Healthy Seminars

East Asian Medicine Safety & Ethics in the 21C (4 CEU’s)


Coming Soon!

  • Harnessing the Tao of Human Flourishing: EMPOWERED Hearts Deep Dive
  • The Healing Relationship
  • Trauma Informed EAM Practice
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Developing A Whole Person East-West Model for Promoting Mental Health.
  • The Qi Dynamics of Mental Emotional Distress
  • Acupuncture Treatment Strategies in Mental Emotional Distress
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Strategies in Mental Emotional Distress
  • Integrative Strategies in the treatment of mental emotional distress