Contacting Dr. Schnyer

Please use the Patient Portal

Please use the patient portal. It allows us to communicate privately, and to keep track of important information. Email is not a secure form of communication and transmitting clinically sensitive information via email does not protect your privacy or comply with HIPPA rules. Kindly use email or texting only for last minute cancellations or to alert Dr Schnyer of an pressing portal message. If you are having a medical emergency, please contact 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Accessing the Patient Portal

You can access the portal by clicking this link. Use the email or username and the password you created when you registered. Please make sure to add us to your email program’s contact list. You will receive an email notification for all appointments and when Dr. Schnyer’s sends you a message or shares a recommendation or file with you.

When to use the Portal

You can use the Patient Portal to:

  • Request an appointment
  • Upload a lab file as an attachment
  • Ask a clinical question
  • View your invoices and payment
  • Update your contact information

Follow up visits

The time allocated to acupuncture follow up visits, includes a brief check in but cannot easily accommodate for in depth or complex nutritional or wellness consultations at the same time. When possible, Dr. Schnyer prefers to separate acupuncture visits from wellness consultations. Together, we will do our best to make best use of your visit time.

Administrative Charges

Please note that issues that require Dr. Schnyer to spend additional time outside your appointment visit – such as to change a supplement or herbal plan, or to review labs – will incur a separate administrative fee to cover her time spent on your case. Limited: $30; Extended: $60; Comprehensive: $125

Phone, email or virtual appointments

Consultations can be set up via phone, Skype, or Zoom. Quick Patient Portal follow ups in response to a clinical question are included as part of your last visit, as long as it is within a reasonable time (2 weeks) since your last seen in person. In depth clinical issues managed through email, may incur an additional fee.

Wellness Plans and Handouts

After a wellness consultation, you can find a copy of our recommendations and helpful handouts in your portal. Please check the tab ” My visit Summaries” for a Wellness Plan and “Documents and Labs” for the handouts.

Functional Labs

Functional medicine assessment is designed to assist Dr. Schnyer in identifying the potential underlying causes of your condition; we do not diagnose or treat disease, we restore balance to the organism. Functional medicine laboratory testing in our office is used to evaluate nutritional, biochemical, or physiological imbalance and to determine any need for medical referral.

Supplements & Herbs

Picking up Herbal Prescriptions

Chinese herbal prescriptions are ordered through AOMA Herbal Medicine, which has two locations North and South. Please call ahead beforehand.


If you need a refill contact the office first unless you have a refill on file. You have to be seen by Dr. Schnyer in the last 3 months to get a refill on any herbal or supplement recommendation.

Re-ordering supplements

Most supplements are ordered through Dr. Schnyer’s online dispensary on Fullscript. As a patient of Dr. Schnyer you will receive a 20% discount. but you can get the products wherever your prefer. Please don’t replace the brands of supplements that she selects for you.

Payment Information


A limited number of insurance companies reimburse for acupuncture treatments in Austin. If your insurance plan includes acupuncture benefits, please submit your acupuncture information through the portal and we will verify benefits. Check out this helpful link for further insurance questions.


The Patient Portal uses a secure payment system that is encrypted and tokenized. You can enter or change your payment information through the portal. You will be billed after your visit. Please allow a few days for payment to post and invoices to appear in your portal as Seeds of Wellness administrative assistant completes this task at the beginning of every week.

If you prefer, you can provide payment at the time of services as a check. Leave the check in the box that can be found in each treatment room. Make it payable to either Rosa N. Schnyer or Seeds of Wellness

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