I’m so glad you are here. I want to invite you to share your resilience story, and I’d like to share my story. Our stories have the power to inspire each other, together we can bear witness to the pain but also to the healing and the joy. When I ask myself, what has kept me going during these past many months, I come back to the stories of transformation and courage shared by many I love and those I serve. I’ve been inspired by the amazing kindness, wisdom and grace we have shown to each other during difficult times. And I’m always surprised by the infinite number of ways that we each have to steer through adversity. I am incredibly grateful to those who have faced the brunt of the storm.

We can lean on each other and create a new story. Let’s engage in the next step of our collective healing process by recognizing and cultivating the power of our innate resilience.

Please, share your story, tell us what or whom has inspired you, brought you comfort or provided shelter, solace and joy.

You can also download a little booklet on 7 Steps I’ve been walking to cultivate my own resilience and awaken my own healer within.

With gratitude
Signature Schnyer