Patient Portal

All patients should register on the Seeds of Wellness Patient Portal before the first appointment.

Our HIPAA-compliant secure platform is where invoices are paid and where patient questions can be submitted for Dr. Schnyer. Use the form found at the link below to sign in to the Patient Portal to begin managing your records.

All clinical questions for Dr. Schnyer should be submitted through this secure Patient Portal message center.

Patient Portal

Ordering Supplements

You are under no obligation to order supplements from us. Our online supplement ordering dispensary has been established as a service to facilitate your treatment and make it easier you to find what you need. It provides high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements, from manufacturers who have gained Dr. Schnyer’s confidence through considerable research and experience.

She determines what supplements to prescribe by considering the quality of science behind the product, the quality of the ingredients themselves, the quality of the manufacturing process, and the synergism between the product’s components.

There are many supplement options available over the counter that although cheaper are not necessarily effective or safe.


Order Supplements

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