If you wonder how you can continue to dynamically adapt and effectively respond when change seems constant and unpredictable, you are not alone. I’ve wondered that too! Empower yourself to ride the next wave, -whatever it may be-with wellness, integrity and kindness to yourself.

We have been through quite the tornado in the past many months. And although, we share in ‘the same storm, we are each traveling on a different boat’. Some of us feel hopeful and see the light at the end of the tunnel, others find it more difficulty to trust the process when we don’t know what lies ahead. And yet others are still riding the last wave. There’s not a one size fits all, but there are some key guideposts.

Join me for a free webinar to discover the wellness principles I’ve used in my own life and which I’ve shared with many others, and create space to re-set, recalibrate, rebalance and restore, while we meet in the safety of a community wellness circle.

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In this webinar you will:

Be Inspired to learn

  • What is stress actually all about? Stress is NUTS

  • What happens in your body and in your brain
  • when you first meet a whole new stressor?
  • when you face one stressor after the other?
  • when you confront a stressor over and over again?
  • Why sometimes we thrive under stress and other times we struggle?

Nurture Community

  • Share in our collective wisdom and energy
  • Authentic relating activities in small groups

Be Empowered to know

  • What is actually stressing you?

  • What is your perceived stress right now?
  • How does your own body respond to situations you are experiencing as stressful?

Be Transformed to overcome

  • What are the key obstacles that challenge us to dynamically adapt and effectively respond
  • Deconstruct to re-create!
  • 7 Steps to ignite your own resilience journey and restore your path to wholeness

Your Host & Facilitator:

Rosa Schnyer brings the wisdom of over 30 years of clinical and personal experience to her vision of empowering, and supporting your own inner ability to heal by partnering in a collaborative relationship that focuses on awakening the will to get well and stay well. An experienced doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, wellness coach, and nutritional counselor, she is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner, and professor at the University of Texas. Dr Schnyer is passionate about the transformative potential of each individual to cultivate resilience and restore their innate ability to heal. Dr Schnyer has taught stress management and resilience skills to people of every generation, from college to retirement, and like you has struggled to walk her own path in the resilience journey.

Rosa Schnyer Empower Wellness Workshops

Look forward to connecting and
sharing these principles with you!

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