Awaken Healing

Transformation sometimes involves a radical change. Other times it unfolds as a gradual metamorphosis.

Making life changes to feel better takes time.

Every first visit (2 hours) includes an in-depth interview and case review. We will take the time to delve deeply into your story, learn about your health challenges, and evaluate your specific needs.

Together we will set goals and collaborate on a plan. An integrated Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine framework provides the basis. Nutrition, acupuncture, targeted supplements, and herbs give us the tools. A complete list of treatment modalities is below.

Nurture. Balance. Restore.

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Wellness Coaching


Functional Nutrition

BioChemistry Analysis

Chinese Herbs

Dietary Supplements

Integrated Bodywork

Mindfulness Meditation

Recorded Talks & Courses

Learn from Dr. Schnyer on your own time with these recorded talks and courses.

*Descriptions will indicate if courses are intended for practitioners, patients, or both.

Comprehensive Evaluation

(120 min) $185

Most initial evaluations
include a short treatment or coaching session, time permitting

Acute Evaluation & Treatment

(90 min) $165

Initial single issue specific evaluation
and short treatment


(60 min) $150

Additional time:
$ 60 per 30 minutes


(Established Patients)

Regular acupuncture sessions: $95

Seniors and student courtesy discounts available.

Consultations & Coaching

(Established patients)

15 min – $30
30 min – $60
60 min – $125

Group Visits

Coming Soon!

Please ask to be placed on our notification list for our new group acupuncture and wellness visits.

Collaborative | Empowering | Personalized

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