Nurture your health. Transform your life.

Combining a deep appreciation for individual patient differences with the most current Functional Medicine knowledge and the timeless wisdom of Chinese traditional medicine, Dr. Rosa Schnyer will collaborate with you to create a dynamic, individualized and sustainable program that fits the rhythm and needs of your own life.

Wellness Assessment
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
Functional Nutrition
Wellness Coaching
Integrated Bodywork
Mindfulness Meditation

A Passion for Patient Empowerment

Dr. Rosa Schnyer specializes in awakening your innate ability to heal by helping you recalibrate and encourage physiological balance. Together you will restore your health by harnessing the power of the mind-body relationship.  Dr. Schnyer’s EMPOWER* program can help:

  •       Manage debilitating symptoms
  •       Alleviate physical and emotional pain
  •       Alter the trajectory of chronic illness
  •       Reclaim optimal wellness

Dr. Schnyer strives to work hand in hand with your medical team to help bridge gaps in the coordination of your care by fostering and supporting self-care.

Meet Dr. Schnyer

Collaborative | Empowering | Personalized

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