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At Seeds of Wellness, Dr. Rosa Schnyer partners with her patients to awaken the will to get well and stay well. Below are the stories from some of her patients. Add your voice to our wellness community.

I was experiencing migraine headaches on practically a daily basis for over a year.  The neurologist I was referred to by my primary care doctor prescribed all kinds of pills – up to and including botox treatment – which is supposed to be the latest and greatest in migraine treatment.  This worked intermittently for a while but soon did not work at all. The headaches just got worse and it seems no amount of drugs was providing relief. So I decided to try acupuncture. I am thrilled with the treatment prescribed for me by Dr. Schnyer!

I have never had a health care practitioner take so much time with me to really understand the peculiarities of my body.  In addition to acupuncture, Dr. Schnyer prescribed Chinese herbs and she made gentle suggestions about my diet. She said, “I will help you get through this and you’re going to love the way you feel.”  She was right! I haven’t felt better in years. I am off all pharmaceuticals,and, best of all, the migraines are gone!! Dr. Schnyer is a true healer. She puts the “care” back into healthcare.  –  L.J.

I call Dr. Rosa Schnyer my personal spiritual resource, for she has a gift as a strong healer with gentle hands and a compassionate heart. I started coming to her because a friend recommended her to me when I was under a great deal of stress from the recent death of my husband and from debilitation by a very serious lung disease that brought with it many horrible side effects from its treatment by long-term use of high doses of steroids.

With her great skill as an acupuncturist and her amazing knowledge of both Eastern medicine and Western pharmacology, she is unique what she has can offer people in the Austin area. Because of her treatments and suggestions of pharmacy-grade supplements that support my ailing systems, she has helped me become more confident in building a healthier me from the best of both worlds. I am so very glad that she is my cheerleader as I make my way through the maze of modern health care.  And I know she will continue to be a blessing as she walks with me on my journey toward better health and a more flourishing life.

I am most grateful.  –  F. K. T.

Dr. Schnyer is a great listener and has a unique ability to ask the right questions and analyze complex body system symptoms.  With her expertise, guidance, and support I was able to get off of many prescription drugs, resolve neurotransmitter imbalance problems, and feel better than I had in years.  Dr. Schnyer enabled me as a patient to make decisions on my treatment by presenting a very accurate assessment of my issues and gave me several treatment options to choose from.  Her caring, follow up, and encouragement was exactly what I needed in a health care partnership to resolve underlying problems that had previously only been treated with more and more prescription drugs.  Thank you Dr. Schnyer!  –  C. G.

I first started seeing Dr. Schnyer for acupuncture to mitigate side effects of cancer treatment. I quickly learned that in addition to having a deep knowledge of Chinese medicine and a healing spirit, Dr. Schnyer was familiar with much of the research on my illness and treatment. The acupuncture helped me feel better, and Dr. Schnyer has also guided me through better nutritional choices and lifestyle changes so that I have been able to take charge of my health.  –  L. S.

Rosa is the most encompassing healthcare practitioner I have experienced.  I love that she respects, incorporates, and invites the best practices and practitioners into her care for me.  That is probably why my family doctor sent me to her and why she is the one to finally make me feel better.  –  N. L.

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